Wine and Punishment

Episode 121 - Diamonds are Forever but a Cockring is for Now and I am a Source Damnit!

September 8, 2020

On this weeks episode hosts Cassie and Daniel catch up on the last couple weeks.  Daniel goes to Monticello and paints some water colors, and he discovers a secret fan who didn't realize he was one of the hosts of the podcast.  Cassie shares a similar story about her brothers girlfriend and students at her University.  Daniel has a fun night with friend of the show Max, and Cassie tells Daniel about her and Matt's Target date night.

The hosts forgot about what they were supposed to drink so Daniel drinks vodka and Cassie drinks a Sav. Blanc.

Cassie heads to the empire state to the case of the death (murder?) of Tom Koleman.  Daniel heads back to Alabama for his second installment of a hometown murder in the case of the murder of Buddy Junior Shaw.

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