Wine and Punishment

Episode 128 - Crimes Against the Muff and The Dog Must Testify!

December 22, 2020

On this week's episode its Christmas week!  Daniel is off work and is watching some Casey Musgraves Christmas specials, and both hosts talk about how much they love Dolly Parton.  Cassie makes a Hellraiser comment that Daniel does not get.  Cassie and Matt revive an old  tradition and decorate Christmas cookies!

The hosts get festive and crack open two different brands of Gluwien.

This week, the hosts gave each other 'gifts' in the form of picking the case the other had to cover.  Daniel was both naughty and nice in his selection with the case of Henriette Caillaux.  Cassie was naughty by picking the case of Albert K. Smith.

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